Driver in shotgun incident gets community work

August 4, 2014 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-06A 38-year-old who drove two men away from the area after one of them allegedly fired four shotgun blasts into a tree at Rawhiti Domain, New Brighton, has been ordered to do community work.

The arrest on July 13 has already meant three weeks in custody on remand for Peter Raymond Snowden, a plasterer.

When Snowden pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful possession of the shotgun, at the Christchurch District Court today, Judge Robert Murfitt noted that he had only been involved in the periphery of the offending.

Defence counsel Peter Doody said Snowden wished to get on with his life after his time in custody. He said two men who were friends of his had turned up at his address near Rawhiti Domain. He drove them away in the car because they were drunk, and there were several people at the house.

Police had received a complaint about the shooting in the park and the car was stopped in Pages Road by armed police soon after. Snowden was found driving the car, with the two men and the shotgun and ammunition in the vehicle.

Judge Murfitt sentenced Snowden to 100 hours of community work and granted probation to convert some of the work hours into training.

The “shooter” has already admitted firing the shotgun with reckless disregard for safety in the public park, and unlawful possession of the weapon, and has been remanded in custody for sentencing on August 22. Joshua Ngatiki Ngarimu, 20, of Addington, pleaded guilty a few days after the incident.

Another man police have charged, Isaac Milnor, a 22-year-old scaffolder, appeared on remand today on a charge of unlawful possession of the shotgun and was remanded on bail to August 11 to get legal advice. He denies being in the park when the shots were fired, but police say he was found in the car with the shotgun afterwards.

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