Bold antics by thief-on-wheels

August 18, 2014 | By More

The WarehouseChristchurch’s boldest shoplifter often got stopped by staff, but he also got away with goods worth $4160.

James Andrew Dumper’s approach was perfectly straightforward: grab stuff, fill a trolley, walk out.

The 25-year-old has gone through alcohol rehabilitation before and now he is asking for more.

When he was finally caught this month, he explained to the police that he had been “in a bad frame of mind due to a relationship ending”.

Defence counsel Tim Fournier did not apply for Dumper’s release on bail after he pleaded guilty to eight theft charges in the Christchurch District Court today. He said the offending had been “a bit of a binge and a splurge” and Dumper was seeking placement for more residential rehabilitation.

Judge Emma Smith remanded Dumper in custody for sentencing on September 23.

Dumper walked out of Farmers in Northlands with duvet inners, a duvet, and an epilator worth $2649, and the goods were not receoved. He swapped the items for alcohol. He was caught when he went back to the shop four days later and was recognised by a security staff member.

Only July 13 he tried to push a trolley loaded with meat worth $700 out of Pak n Save Moorhouse, but was turned back by security. He then failed to manoeuvre the trolley out the staff exit.

After that failure, he went to a liquor shop and walked out with an $80 bottle of tequila down his pants.

He went back to the Moorhouse supermarket three days later, filled a trolley with groceries and walked out with it. A staff member asked him to go back but he kept walking and when the staff member didn’t give up, he abandoned the trolley after 50m.

On July 18, Dumper trundled out of Pak n Save Hornby with meat items worth $719 in a trolley. He wasn’t stopped and the meat wasn’t found.

Three days later, he went back to the same store and loaded up groceries worth $978 but this time he was chased by the store manager and had to abandon the trolley before he fled.

He walked out of The Warehouse in Belfast with a full trolley of household items worth $711. Five days later he was challenged by staff when he loaded up electrical goods worth $566 at The Warehouse in Barrington Street, and had to abandon the trolley again.

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