Pub portaloo patron punched prankster

October 7, 2014 | By More

Court House-entranceA prankster got a serious beating for rocking a portaloo at a pub while a patron was inside.

The patron in the portaloo who became angry, 24-year-old Francis Gallagher Mclauchlan, will be attending the Salvation Army’s Bridge residential rehabilitation programme while he does a six-month home detention sentence.

“Clearly, intoxication lies behind this offending,” said Judge Gary MacAskill.

Mclauchlan, unemployed, appeared for sentence in the Christchurch District Court after pleading guilty to charges of assault with intent to injure, and two charges of assault from a separate incident.

Judge MacAskill said Mclauchlan had been at the Irishman bar on March 17, 2014, when he went to a stand-alone portaloo outside. A group played a prank by shaking the toilet from side to side while he was in it.

Mclauchlan came out, enraged, and confronted one of the pranksters. He punched the joker several times in the face and knocked him down, punching him again as he lay on the ground.

The victim had a broken nose and a cut above the eye. He needed treatment at hospital and physiotherapy.

The other incident took place at a bar in Merivale on July 16, when Mclauchlan became enraged when he saw a man talking to his ex-girlfriend. He punched the man four times in the face and kneed him in the chest as he went down. The victim received a cut lip and several abrasions and bruises.

A security guard who tried to intervene was punched in the face.

“You were too intoxicated to offer a rational explanation,” the judge told Mclauchlan.

He noted Mclauchlan had eight previous assault convictions on his record, and had been imprisoned for breaches of his sentences.

“The pre-sentence report confirms excessive use of alcohol is your problem,” said the judge, noting that Mclauchlan had expressed a desire to change and had begun treatment. He was awaiting placement at a residential programme. “This is to be recognised and encouraged,” he said.

He imposed six months home detention at a central city address, with conditions to attend the Bridge programme, and attend other assessment and treatment as required, including a Stopping Violence programme. The conditions will extend six months beyond the sentence.

Defence counsel Donald Dickson said Mclauchlan offered $1000 as emotional harm reparations to be apportioned among the victims, and the judge made the order for that payment. The largest payment will be made to the victim of the portaloo assault.

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