Licences at risk from petrol drive-offs

October 29, 2014 | By More

Car-front-blueTwo Riccarton flatmates face losing their driving licences for a series of carefully planned and executed petrol drive-offs.

They stood side by side in the dock in the Christchurch District Court today to admit four theft charges, and they certainly didn’t impress Judge Jane McMeeken. She described their actions as “premeditated, organised theft”.

The police weren’t offering any leniency either. Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Scott suggested it was a case where their licences could be taken off them because a car had been used for the offending.

Judge McMeeken said that seemed “a distinct possibility” and remanded them on bail to different sentencing dates in December.

Daniel Eric Small, 25, and Daniel Johnathan Sixtus, 24, both gardeners, pleaded guilty to charges of stealing a number plate and three lots of petrol.

The guilty pleas meant that Sixtus now has 10 convictions for theft, including a petrol drive off committed in September. “They did this because they wanted petrol,” defence counsel Donald Dickson said.

On October 16, they removed the number plates from Sixtus’ car and did a $50 drive-off from a service station in Kaiapoi.

Three days later, they went to a neighbouring property and stole the number plate off a trailer which they put on the car to do three more drive-offs at Woodend and Kaiapoi. The police want $106 reparations from each of them.

Sixtus is already doing community work and he can’t be given any more because of the amount he’s already got. “All your chickens are coming home to roost. Your bad behaviour is catching up with hou,” said the judge, remanding him for sentence on December 16

Small is already awaiting sentence on December 8 on a separate assault charge. These latest offences will be dealt with at the same time. He also owes $2000 in fines. “I’m concerned about where he’s going,” said the judge.

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