Man admits burglary caught on Facebook

October 31, 2014 | By More

Court House-entranceA central city resident has abandoned his attempts to avoid a burglary conviction over an alleged vandalism incident at a container restaurant in Bealey Avenue.

Alexander Bernard Giblin, a 20-year-old food industry worker, pleaded guilty to the burglary charge at the Christchurch District Court today and Judge Tony Couch imposed 50 hours of community work and ordered him to pay $607 for the two security cameras he took or damaged.

Judge Couch was told that Giblin was offered diversion – which would have meant no conviction was recorded against him – but he had not been able to meet the requirements in time.

He was then scheduled for a hearing on December 1 to apply for a discharge without conviction but the court was told that the necessary documentation was not available.

The case was then brought forward today for his guilty plea.

He has now ended a pre-trade course and has a job interview scheduled.

Police sought $607 reparations for the security cameras which Giblin removed from the shopping container restaurant on August 2.

He was arrested after the restaurant owner posted security camera footage of the incident on Facebook and then handed the police the video and the details he quickly received from the on-line inquiry.

Giblin said the cameras had been returned, but they had apparently been damaged or replaced in the meantime.

The restaurant owner was reported as saying that the burglary involved the two cameras being destroyed, plus damage to gas piping, and damage to a door and stock from a flood caused by towels placed in the sink with the taps turned on. He said the total damage bill was about $2000.


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