‘Vigilante justice’ led to raid on house

December 11, 2014 | By More


Court House-general2A midnight raid on a Cheviot house was described as an episode of vigilante justice.

Defence counsel Simon Shamy told the judge at Ashley John Noonan’s sentencing: “There was going to be the removal of a firearm which he saw as being a threat to other members of the community, and things went wrong and got out of hand.”

Noonan, a gardener who also lives at Cheviot, broke into the house with two associates. The group thought the house was unoccupied but when they encountered the man and woman who were sleeping there, words were exchanged and the intruders fled. Damage was done to the house on the way in, and on the way out.

Christchurch District Court Judge Paul Kellar described the incident as “vigilante justice with alcohol and peers identified as the causes of the offending”.

It happened at 12.35am on July 20. Judge Kellar said it left the woman victim traumatised.

Noonan was originally charged with burglary while armed with a weapon – a grubber – but he pleaded guilty when the charge was reduced to burglary.

The judge that “by a narrow margin” he could grant home detention, and sentenced Noonan to a term of nine months, with a further six months of special release conditions to address the causes of the offending.

He also ordered Noonan to pay $700 for the damage to the house.




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