Family took part in assault on girl

February 24, 2015 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-06Several members of an Asian family joined in assaulting a 14-year-old girl who had slept overnight at a friend’s house without telling the family. The girl’s mother appeared before the Christchurch District Court today charged with assault for beating the girl with a piece of firewood.

With the help of an interpreter, and defence counsel Anya Gartner, the 37-year-old woman pleaded guilty before Judge David Saunders.

Miss Gartner asked the judge to suppress the woman’s name and indicated a final suppression order may be sought at the sentencing after further information had been obtained from a doctor. The judge granted the interim order.

The woman’s nationality cannot be published because she belongs to a small Asian community in Christchurch.

Judge Saunders was told that the family was being referred to Resettlement Services and that Child, Youth and Family Services were now involved with the family.

He asked for a pre-sentence report before the June 2 sentencing, and also referred the case for a Restorative Justice assessment but acknowledged that the organisation might decide to step aside because of the other agencies already involved.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Neil Williams said the incident took place in October when the girl slept overnight at a friend’s place and did not return until the following afternoon. The family found out where she was in the meantime.

When she returned home, her mother picked up a piece of firewood and hit the girl several times around the arms and other family members also assaulted her. She was checked at hospital for injuries to her arms and legs.

“It is a tragic matter for all concerned,” said Miss Gartner.

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