Robbery of rings admitted

March 19, 2015 | By More


Court House-Sept-2013-05A man has admitted his part in a robbery where scissors were used to cut a man’s fingers so the blood could be used as a lubricant to remove two swastika rings.

The case against Benjamin William Hita, 58, went to jury trial last year but the trial was halted after about a day.

Since then Hita has pleaded guilty and after his time in custody on remand he is likely to be before the Parole Board soon after virtually serving the two-year six-month sentence imposed today by Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave.

A second man still faces a robbery charge as a result of the incident at Christchurch City Council flats in Avonside in August 2012, and a trial date for him has been scheduled. Judge Neave commented that the robbery victim did not see Hita as the principal offender.

Judge Neave said the incident was akin to a street robbery. Hita had some sympathy and empathy with the victim, and was no longer seen as such a high risk of reoffending, though he had an appalling record of previous offences.

Although there had been some “physical enforcement” in removing the rings from the victim’s fingers, the offence had taken place at Hita’s home and did not involve a home invasion.

The Crown said that scissors were used to cut the webbing between the victim’s fingers so that the blood could be used as lubricant, allowing the rings to be removed.




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