Jail term ends sex offender’s crime spree

March 20, 2015 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-06A sex offender who went on the run and was then caught in an Armed Offenders Squad raid at Lyttelton has been jailed for 22 months.

Christchurch District Court Judge Alistair Garland refused to grant leave for Christopher David Roche, also known as Kristian Glanville, to serve any of the time on home detention.

The 35-year-old had admitted three charges of breaching an extended supervision order imposed in 2007 after his release from prison on a sex charge.

He has several convictions for child sex offences and was jailed for 15 months when he was 17 for sexually violating a boy aged under 12.

In 2002, Roche was jailed for five years for touching a 10-year-old boy on the back while showing him pornography on a computer.

Defence counsel Kirsty May said Roche had been doing relatively well on supervision until his life “spiralled” when he began offending again in June. He accepted that a prison term had to be imposed but hoped that home detention could eventually be considered.

Judge Garland said police raided and searched his address in June and found a $12,000 motorcycle that had been stolen a few days before in a burglary. They also found a .22 rifle. Roche, who has no firearms licence, said he had it for protection because he “had a bit of trouble from some people”.

They also found he had a laptop in breach of a ban on having access to the Internet, and the computer was found to have objectionable images on it.

Roche admitted unlawful possession of the rifle, receiving the stolen motorcycle, and the breach of the supervision order.

Roche failed to move to a Salisbury Street Foundation residence when directed by the Probation Service.

When he was meant to appear for sentencing after pleading guilty, he went on the run. That included an incident in October when he was seen driving in Stanmore Road and sped off from the police, reaching speeds of between 80kmh and 100kmh, driving on the wrong side past lines of cars and around two round-abouts, and speeding through an intersection without slowing down. He said he sped off because he was forbidden to drive.

He admitted charges of reckless driving, failing to stop for the police, and driving without a licence.

Judge Garland said it was selfish behaviour to put other road users at risk of injury or death simply because he had no licence.

Roche was finally caught after armed police surrounded a house in Lyttelton on December 1, at the end of a series of Armed Offenders Squad raids.

The judge said it was Roche’s fourth conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm. He had been jailed for a similar offence in 2012 “and yet your fascination with firearms has not abated”.

He had eight convictions for dishonesty and five previous convictions for breaches of the extended supervision order.

Imposing the 22-month jail term, Judge Garland said he would not grant leave to apply for home detention because of Roche’s non-compliance with the supervision order, and because deterrence was required. He also imposed seven release conditions to apply for six months after his release from jail.

Roche was also disqualified from driving for a year.


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