Home detention for ‘appalling’ stabbing

April 10, 2015 | By More


City Centre sign-02A street stabbing incident described by Judge Jane Farish as “appalling” led to a home detention sentence of 12 months in the Christchurch District Court today.

Steven John Williams, 29, was sentenced on a charge of wounding with intent to injure his victim after he stabbed the man eight times with a small knife – described when he pleaded guilty as a “credit card knife”.

Defence counsel Craig Ruane said the assault was a nasty piece of work, where the victim knocked a girl to the ground, was set upon by other people, then Williams came in and repeatedly stabbed him.

He said Williams was willing to attend a restorative justice meeting but the victim didn’t want to take part.

Williams had completed an alcohol rehabilitation course, and had $1000 for emotional harm payment for the victim.

Police prosecutor Sergeant David Murray told the court that the repeated stabbing was not life threatening, but that was more by good luck than good management.

Judge Jane Farish said she had watched the video footage of the attack, and what she saw was appalling, and did Williams no credit whatsoever.

She said there were four or so highly intoxicated people on High Street on October 11, and Williams was also drunk when he took a knife out of his wallet and showed it to one of the group.

He put the knife behind his back and circled behind another agitated group. The victim pushed a girl over and was set upon by four others who punched and kicked him.

Williams aimed blows with his knife to the victim’s torso and back, and continued when the man fell to the ground with two other men on top of him.

The victim received eight puncture wounds which he didn’t realise he had until he was being processed at the police station for fighting.

Judge Farish said Williams was genuinely remorseful, and had written an apology letter to his victim.

She sentenced him to 12 months’ home detention with special conditions that he not possess, consume or use alcohol or drugs, to do any rehabilitation programmes recommended by his probation officer, and to pay the emotional harm reparations to the victim.



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