No extra jail time for mobster

April 23, 2015 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-07A judge decided not to extend a jail term for the Mongrel Mob man who was being sentenced for unlawfully taking the car he later crashed, killing a 15-year-old passenger.

Fabian Jesse Mika was given a six-year nine-month prison sentence when he was involved in a police chase and crashed causing the death of Ethan Takitimu-McKenzie.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced in September 2013.

In the Christchurch District Court yesterday Judge Paul Kellar said it was not appropriate to add to Mika’s existing sentence. He gave him a three month concurrent sentence on a charge of unlawfully taking the car, which means it will be served as part of the existing sentence and will involve no extra jail time.

Mika, who has a tattoo saying Mobsta across his face, said he was given the car by a friend and believed he was allowed to use it. A police sergeant told him on February 21, 2013, that it was stolen and he had no right to continue using it, as it was being driven away by someone else. Mika then crashed it about 12.30am on February 22.



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