Farm remedied after neglect prosecution

June 11, 2015 | By More


Court House-Sept-2013-08A farm manager who admitted ill-treating and neglecting cows has been convicted and discharged because of the extraordinary steps he has taken to remedy the running of the farm near Christchurch.

Clyde Barclay McIntosh, 36, was told by Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish that his implementation of a change in structure, with a new veterinarian and nutritional team, meant that the farm would now be “A class”.

She said there had been a change in structure in how the farm was run. McIntosh had voiced his concern about the new milking platform which meant the cows had a round trip close to 12km. The situation got worse because of a significant rainfall period.

The cows were owned by Riverbrae Dairy Farm Ltd, which had admitted similar charges, and an extra one of transporting 27 cows when they were unfit. The company was fined $19,000, and ordered to pay nearly $12,000 in veterinarian costs and solicitor’s fees.

On behalf of the Ministry of Primary Industries, Grant Fletcher said it was a rare case, and the assistance McIntosh asked for was woefully inadequate.

McIntosh had admitted the ill-treatment of 40 cows, reckless ill-treatment of 16 cows, and failing to provide veterinary treatment for 82 cows.

Defence counsel for the company and McIntosh, Richard Raymond, said all the recommendations from the ministry had been implemented, and the farm was better for it.

He said McIntosh was genuinely remorseful, and had widespread support from his community.

Judge Farish said the Ministry of Primary Industries had been alerted to the condition of some cows on two properties.

The Ministry described what they found as “the worst case of lameness seen by MPI staff.” The animals had been caused “unnecessary suffering, unreasonable pain, and distress.

Sixteen cows were euthanised, 40 needed urgent treatment, and 82 more needed treatment. Judge Farish said stock on farms were entirely reliant for their wellbeing on the owners.

She said the ministry was not seeking disqualification for owning animals, to recognise the restructuring, and the farm was now working at an optimal level.


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