Brazen shoplifter in custody for sentence

June 18, 2015 | By More


Court House-general1A shoplifter with expensive taste in steak – and drugs – is in custody awaiting sentence.

Mark Andrew McGowan has been recalled to prison for offending while on parole and won’t get another chance in front of the Parole Board until the end of September.

Before that, he is facing sentencing for seven shoplifting exploits where he was trying to get away with up to $1000 worth of goods a time.

The brazen offending in March and April may mean extra jail time is added, after his guilty pleas to all charges in the Christchurch District Court today.

Judge Alistair Garland remanded him in custody for sentencing on July 10. Thirty-two-year-old McGowan is listed as having no fixed abode.

He made his repeated getaways as a passenger in a car, and because a car was used to commit crimes the police are wanting him disqualified from driving.

The streak of offending began on March 5, when he filled a trolley with more than $500 worth of groceries at a Hornby supermarket, waited until no-one was around and then pushed it out into the carpark.

He raided another shop on March 16 and got away with a basket containing cuts of meat worth $400. He sprinted out the entrance way after waiting for someone to activate the door on their way in.

On March 21, he stole steak worth between $30 and $80 from a meat retailer.

The next day, he went to a hardware store, filled a basket with $440 worth of goods and placed it near the doorway. He then waited outside and when he thought no-one was watching he reached over and grabbed the basket and made his getaway, with store security in pursuit.

On March 29 store security stopped him leaving a Hornby supermarket with goods worth $989 in a trolley he was pushing out of the store.

When he took steaks worth $250 from a meat retailer in April, staff asked if he was going to pay for it. McGowan said, “No,” and ran off.

He told police he stole the items because he had no money to pay for food and he would not go hungry. He said he would trade some of it for drugs, directly with his dealer.

The police want reparation totalling $1480 for the unrecovered goods.



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