Contact ban for ‘couch surfing’ sex accused

July 13, 2015 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-07Additional bail conditions – including banning contact with young people – have been imposed on a 35-year-old man alleged to have committed sex offences while acting as a Couch Surfing host.

The Christchurch man, whose name is suppressed, has been on bail since his court appearances last year, but has ended up back in custody and was appearing before the Christchurch District Court to apply for release today.

Statutory restrictions on reporting bail hearings mean that only a few details of today’s appearance before Judge Stephen O’Driscoll can be published.

The man is charged with stupefying and sexually violating a man in Christchurch in May last year, indecently assaulting another person in September, stealing a Cash Advance card worth $20 from a third person, stealing a driver’s licence from a man in October, and making an intimate visual recording.

The man has denied the charges and elected trial. He will have pre-trial arguments this month, ahead of the trial scheduled for November 16, in the District Court.

Today’s hearing took place after police opposed his re-release on bail.

Defence counsel Andrew Bailey made submissions to Judge O’Driscoll before the Judge decided that the man could be released to live at a Christchurch address with new bail conditions.

He imposed a nightly curfew which will require the man to be at home from 8pm to 7am.

The man will not be allowed to have any young persons aged under 16 at the address where he is living, and he is not allowed to associate with any under-16s away from the address.

Bail conditions forbidding contact with anyone involved in the alleged offending continue from his previous time on remand. He is also forbidden to have anyone staying overnight at his address.



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