Suppression continues for Ihaka Stokes murder accused

July 21, 2015 | By More

High Court-panoply1Name suppression continues for the man charged with assaulting and murdering 14-month-old Ihaka Paora Braxton Stokes in Christchurch.

The interim suppression order was due to lapse at 10am today, but the defence has filed an application for an extension of the order.

Its continuation will be argued before Justice Cameron Mander in the High Court at Christchurch as part of a pre-trial hearing on July 31.

The man was last week charged with assaulting the child on July 2 and murdering him the next day, and was remanded in custody for that pre-trial appearance.

An application for his release on bail was heard in a different court, by another judge, later the same day but it was refused.

At the initial appearance, defence counsel Phil Shamy asked for the man to have name suppression for 24 hours to allow him to tell his family that he had been charged.

At the bail hearing a few hours later, he asked for an extension to the interim suppression order while he made inquiries about medical issues relating to another member of the family.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll granted the extension until 10am today, giving the man a five-day suppression order. Since then, Mr Shamy has applied for a further extension.

Ihaka was taken to hospital on July 3 with what the police said were non-accidental injuries and died soon after. The man was arrested 13 days into the police investigation that followed. Forty-two people were interviewed during the inquiry.

Ihaka was buried after an emotional funeral service on July 10.




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