Court hears of big-money drugs habit

September 2, 2015 | By More

Court House-general1A man who used his $700-a-day drug habit as his excuse for burglaries, thefts, and interfering with cars, was jailed for more than two years today.

Nathan James Wix, 38, told police he was using $200 worth of synthetic cannabis a day, and $1000 worth of methamphetamine every second day, so his offending was funding his drug habit.

Defence counsel Kiran Paima said Wix was a recidivist dishonesty offender, and had been in custody since March.

He said since Wix had been a 17-year-old he was always appearing before court.

Judge Paul Kellar said he was sentencing Wix on charges of burglary, theft of $900, theft of a rucksack and contents worth $1700, unlawfully interfering with a car, and breach of release conditions.

He said on November 27 Wix entered the property of a person known to him and took and sold computer equipment.

On March 20 he found an iPhone and tried to sell it to people in the street, and police were called, then four days later he entered Café Valentinos and took a chef’s bag, worth $1700.

On March 27 he got into a car in Wilsons Road. Members of the staff at the address approached him and phoned the police. He was found with a screwdriver and rock in his pocket.

In the meantime Wix failed to come to court, lost his employment, and was evicted from his address, because of his drug habit, Judge Kellar said.

Wix had a 13 page criminal history over 20 years, with mainly dishonesty and drug offending listed. He was a high risk re-offender because of his alcohol and drug use, the people he associated with, and his attitude, he said.

Judge Kellar sentenced Wix to prison for two years five months.

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