Burglar raided friend’s mum’s house

September 2, 2015 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-07A man who burgled a friend’s mother’s house after finding out where her spare key was kept was sentenced to home detention for a year in the Christchurch District Court today.

Brent Christopher Skellerup, 38, was caught hiding in the roof space of a Wainoni Road house after breaching bail, and was sentenced today on charges of burglary, breaching bail, and breaching post-release conditions. He had pleaded guilty.

Defence counsel Grant Tyrrell said Skellerup had a suitable address for a home detention sentence, and support mechanisms around him.

He said Skellerup had been in custody since August for the court imposed breaches.

Judge Paul Kellar said the victim of the burglary was an elderly mother of a friend. On November 2 he went to her address with her daughter and saw where the spare key was kept.

Between November 2 and 23 he returned to the address, and took a camera, a bottle of whisky, a ring, money boxes, and some foreign currency estimated to be worth $7000, none of which have been recovered.

Judge Kellar said the offending was premeditated, and was a breach of trust.

Skellerup had 101 previous convictions, mostly for burglary and dishonesty offending, and had been released from prison for only one month before this offending happened, he said.

He sentenced Skellerup to 12 months’ home detention, and ordered an emotional harm payment of $750 for the victim.

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