Community detention after drugs, firearm raids

September 7, 2015 | By More

Court House-entranceA Kaiapoi man was sentenced to community detention after a series of police raids at properties in Christchurch, Kaiapoi, and Waddington in early March.

Michael Scott Holdem, 38, was sentenced in the Christchurch Distict Court on charges of possession of a firearm, assaulting a woman, possession of methamphetamine, possession of utensils for using methamphetamine, and possession of cannabis.

Holdem was in court on similar charges in January, and sentenced to intensive supervision. It was recommended by the court then that he undergo psychological counselling and drug counselling but the probation officer in court at the latest sentencing admitted that it was not Holdem’s fault that it did not occur.

Judge Jane Farish sentenced Holdem to 12 months intensive supervision with the same recommendations for probation, and four months community detention with an overnight curfew.

She said Holdem was a high risk of re-offending without the counselling. She deleted his non-association clause with the woman he assaulted, but said he was not allowed to live with her.

Judge Farish ordered the destruction of the firearm and drugs, and told Holdem to make sure she didn’t see him again.

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