Man admits arson of house, beating of householder

September 7, 2015 | By More

Woodend-sign1A man has admitted setting fire to a house in Woodend, and then going to the victim’s workplace and beating him up.

Turi John Burns, a 36-year-old labourer, pleaded guilty to arson, injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and threatening to kill. Burglary and assault with a weapon charges were withdrawn by police at Burns’ appearance in the Christchurch District Court today.

The police summary of facts said on July 23 Burns went to the Woodend house with two associates. Burns went into the house and smashed holes in the walls and doors, and then set fire to the couch. The fire spread and destroyed the lounge and surrounding areas.

On the same day Burns was in a car with two associates and the victim of the house fire was called to come and see them.

Burns hid behind the car, and when the victim was at the front of it, Burns came out with a raised metal pipe. He swore and yelled at the victim and hit him twice on the left thigh, and then on his head.

The victim tried to fend off the blows and got a broken left wrist, but managed to get Burns into a headlock and took the pipe off him.

The associates drove off in the car, and when the police arrived the two men were standing yelling at each other.

Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish remanded Burns in custody to a Crown sentencing on November 11.

She ordered a pre-sentence report, a victim impact report, and a referral for a restorative justice meeting. She read him the three strike warning given to violent offenders.


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