Another week in custody for young robbery accused

September 8, 2015 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-06Two youths charged with the aggravated robbery of a Woolston liquor store last month are staying in custody for another week.

Both were remanded in custody to next Tuesday when they appeared separately before Judge Jane McMeeken in the Youth Court at Christchurch today.

In both cases, youth advocates Kristy O’Connor and Colin Eason said they were waiting to receive more details from the police.

The youths are aged 15 and 16 and cannot be named because they are in the Youth Court jurisdiction.

The police allege that the pair were with a youth aged 17 late on August 29 when an attempt to take liquor from the store led to bottles being smashed over the shop assistant’s head.

For one youth being held at the Te Puna Wai Youth Justice Facility near Christchurch, Mr Eason said an application for his release on electronically monitored bail was still being prepared. A response to the charge might be made at next week’s appearance.

The judge ordered a family group conference to be convened for the other youth, who is being held in Palmerston North where a bed was available after his arrest. He was flown to Christchurch for his court appearance.

The other teenager charged, 17-year-old Tamatea Lorenzo Briggs, was remanded in custody without plea in the District Court last week to September 21 on charges of aggravated robbery, assault with intent to injure, unlawfully taking a car, and driving while forbidden.

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