Man admits police pursuit charges

September 15, 2015 | By More

Car-front-blueAfter two arrest warrants and a few hours in the cells at the Court House, a 20-year-old man has admitted his role in two related police chases in Christchurch’s northern suburbs last month.

Brandon Alan Niven pleaded guilty to unlawfully taking a car, unlawfully interfering with another one, failing to stop for the police, reckless driving on Hills Road, and several charges of unlicensed driving.

He was arrested when the police noticed one car following along while they were already involved in the pursuit of another car on August 24.

The Phillipstown man was arrested after allegedly ramming a police car and driving off at speed, when the police tried to stop the vehicle. The car was later found in St Albans and Niven was arrested nearby.

He failed to turn up at court on time last Tuesday and a warrant was issued then before he arrived at court later in the day. He was bailed and released to appear again yesterday.

He didn’t appear again yesterday and another warrant was issued. When he did arrive at court he was held in the cells until his case was called in the afternoon.

Defence counsel Steve Hembrow explained that Niven had not arrived because he had “car trouble”.

He said Niven also admitted a new charge of making a false statement to the police about an offence of intentionally injuring someone in June. He said Niven was now admitting taking the blame for someone else’s offending, and the injuring charge against him was withdrawn by the police.

Judge Saunders said the offending was serious enough for home or community detention to be considered as part of the pre-sentence report. A restorative justice meeting would also be considered.

He remanded Niven for sentencing on November 6 and granted bail in spite of the two arrest warrants. “His problem seems to be in organising himself to get to court on time,” said the judge.


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