Driver admits injuring man in road rage incident

September 29, 2015 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-06A man will stay in custody at Hillmorton Hospital awaiting sentence after admitting running down a man in a road rage incident and injuring his dog so badly it had to be put down.

During the remand, a psychiatric report will be prepared on how to deal with 51-year-old Andrew George McDaniel at his sentencing on December 15.

The report was ordered along with a report on McDaniel’s suitability for home detention when he pleaded guilty to five charges in the Christchurch District Court today.

The Swannanoa property developer was charged with injuring a man with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and wilfully illtreating a dog by injuring it causing it pain to the extent that it was necessary to destroy the animal to end its suffering. He also faced separate charges of assault, driving with excess breath-alcohol and careless driving.

The most serious charges arose from an incident that took place on March 23, at the Eyre River crossing in Downs Road, near Rangiora.

McDaniel was driving a dark-grey four-wheel-drive Nissan.

A man out walking the family’s 10-month-old puppy, with his wife and two children at about 5.45pm, signalled to McDaniel to slow down when he drove out of the river crossing.

McDaniel then manoeuvred the car with a series of u-turns to try to knock the man down.

The man tried to avoid the vehicle by jumping over a fence but was struck and then the puppy was hit by the car as it drove away from the scene.

The man received treatment for cuts to his hands from the fence, cuts and bruises on his head and injuries to his shoulder and ankle. The puppy was taken to a veterinarian and had surgery for injuries to its legs but the veterinarian had to euthanise it because of the severity of the injuries in such a young animal.

No other members of the family were injured but they were very shaken after witnessing the incident, the police said at the time.

The other charges against McDaniel arise from a separate incident.

After McDaniel’s arrest he was held at Hillmorton where a psychiatric report by two health assessors indicated that he was fit to stand trial. When that report became available in June, he pleaded not guilty to all charges, but changed his pleas today and admitted everything.


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