Victim of sex offender waiting for apology

October 29, 2015 | By More

Court House-doorwayThe victim of sex offending up to four decades ago asked in court for an apology as his abuser was sentenced and granted home detention. He didn’t get it.

“Do we get an apology?” the man asked from the public seating.

There wasn’t one offered in court by 56-year-old Stewart William Priest who was sentenced by Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave to a year of home detention, the maximum sentence short of jail time.

“This is not the time and place,” Judge Neave told the victim. “That can happen in a restorative justice context in the future.”

Priest was sentenced to home detention and 200 hours of community work after admitting six charges of of indecency and sodomy, all committed on the same victim. Priest was mainly aged in his teens at the time.

The victim read a hard-hitting victim impact statement to the court as the sentencing began, telling of on-going violence and drug use in his life. He said he had attempted suicide twice and only failed on the second occasion because the rope broke. He was no longer able to work because of depression.

Judge Neave took into account Priest’s relative youth at the time of the offending. There had been no offending since and he had taken steps for rehabilitation himself. He also considered Priest’s guilty pleas and the sentencing regime that would have applied at the time of offending.

Priest’s pre-sentence report recommended the home detention sentence, which will be served at a Christchurch address.

The judge ordered the lifting of the interim suppression order that has applied up to now.


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