Girl denies that rape claim was ‘easier’ option

November 11, 2015 | By More

Woodend-sign1A teenage girl has denied that alleging she had been raped was the “easier” option after a boy she cared about, and who had a crush on her, saw her having sex in the sand dunes at Woodend Beach.

She insisted she had been raped by three men and was sexual violated by oral sex by a fourth, as she was cross-examined by counsel for the five accused men on the third day of the trial in the High Court at Christchurch.

Counsel for Isaac Jason Mould, Tony Greig, put to the girl that on the night of the Woodend incident she had too much to drink and it had loosened her inhibitions. She denied that.

She also denied his allegation that she “did want to have sex with more than one of those boys that night and took them up into the sand dunes”.

Mr Greig alleged she had felt ashamed when she realised that another of the boys present, who had a crush on her, had seen what was happened.

“It was easier for you to say at that point, ‘They raped me’,” Mr Greig said.

The girl, now aged 17 but aged 16 at the time of the alleged incident, replied: “No. It wasn’t easier. It is what happened.”

Mould, 21, from Woodend, Brook Sebastian Norris, a 22-year-old landscape gardener from Brooklands, Troy Matua James McIver, 21, a rigger from Rangiora, Ky Robert Reginald Reid, a 21-year-old logging contractor from Woodend, and Stuart Mitchell Lewis, 21, deny three charges of rape and one charge of unlawful sexual connection.

The Crown alleges that the woman was raped by Mould, McIver, and Norris, and Lewis sexually violated her by oral sex.

All the men allegedly present have been jointly charged on the basis that they either committed the crimes or actively helped or encouraged someone else to commit the crime, or that they formed a common intention to sexually assault the girl, Crown prosecutor Deidre Orchard explained to the jury as the trial began.

Reid has been charged with rape and sexual violation even though the Crown does not say he committed these offences himself.

Cross-examined by counsel for Lewis, Andrew McCormick, she denied his allegations that she had kissed, nuzzled, and gave love bites to boys at the bonfire, and then took two of them – McIver and Norris – by the hand and led them away from the fire and into the sand dunes.

She insisted she was sure that it was Lewis who had forced her to perform oral sex. She denied the oral sex involved McIver.

She denied Mr McCormick’s allegation that she had met Lewis with a group about three months after the incident and had smoked cannabis.

April Kelland, for Norris, alleged that the girl had been flirting around the bonfire, kissing two of the boys, and was “all over Norris”, kissing him passionately and giving him a love bite. She denied that. She also denied that she had discussed a threesome with McIver and Norris.

Asked about leading McIver by the hand to the dunes, and asking if Norris could come, too, she said: “I don’t believe it happened. I don’t believe I would do that.”

The trial is scheduled to take two weeks.


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