Barking in court as police assault accused held in custody

March 21, 2016 | By More

Police car-Sept2013-01A crowd in Christchurch’s main courtroom burst into barking after a judge refused bail for a man police allege punched an officer three times in a confrontation at Cheviot, North Canterbury, on Sunday.

Adam Travis, 40, of Aranui, was remanded in custody for an appearance by video-link from the prison on April 11 without plea on a charge of intentionally injuring a senior constable who police have said received facial injuries.

The alleged assault happened when three cars containing about nine people were stopped by police at Cheviot on the way back to Christchurch from Kaikoura.

Police opposed bail for Travis, but his defence counsel Phillip Allan made application before Judge Stephen O’Driscoll. Details of bail applications cannot be reported because of the suppression provisions of the Bail Act.

After Judge O’Driscoll made his ruling, family members sitting in the public seating burst into loud barking noises before they were ushered from the courtroom by police escort staff and court security officers.

They were closely monitored outside as they got into cars and left the precincts of the Court House.

Police said they arrested three people after the Cheviot incident, but the other two are believed to have been released for appearances on later dates.



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