Extra jail time for punching police

April 6, 2016 | By More

Police-badge-2013-09-001The “over-reaction” of a 30-year-old when he assaulted two police officers has led to an extra nine month prison term in the Christchurch District Court.

Teatawai Floyd Meechang is already serving a one year one month sentence for driving charges which were unrelated to the assaults.

Today his prison sentence was extended for a further nine months for punching two police officers who were arresting him at The Palms shopping centre in June 2015.

Defence counsel Josh Lucas said Meechang had done a medium intensity rehabilitation programme while he was in prison, and wanted to attend more programmes.

He said Meechang was remorseful and wanted to apologise to the police officers.

Judge David Saunders said he was sentencing Meechang on two charges of aggravated assault on the officers.

Meechang was approached by the two officers after a domestic incident where he had intentionally damage a television set, and stolen a woman’s clothing.

The clothing had been returned to the woman, and Meechang was ordered to pay reparation for the television set when he is released from prison.

Meechang punched one officer in the cheek, then in the jaw. The officer was dazed and fell to one knee, and the other officer was punched to the side of his face.

In his victim impact report, the first officer said he had had two days off work for bruising to his ear, and swelling to his left jaw and cheek.

He said he had been in the police force for over four years and had not been assaulted in that time. He was disappointed in Meechang’s behaviour.

Judge Saunders said Meechang’s over-reaction was not justified, and police should be able to go about their duties without being physically assaulted by members of the public.


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