Jail for touching sleeping women

April 18, 2016 | By More

Court House from Victoria Sq-101A 24-year-old who touched sleeping women after sneaking into their rooms was jailed for nearly five years.

Meaalofa Setu said he was ashamed and remorseful after admitting charges of indecent assault and burglary.

Defence counsel Don Matthews told the Christchurch District Court Setu was sorry for

his offending, which all occurred on June 28, 2015.

Judge Raoul Neave said that at the first Christchurch address Setu entered the house through an unlocked door, reached across the woman’s husband, and sexually violated her while masturbating. The woman thought it was her husband touching her, but when she rolled over and saw Setu she yelled at him, and he left the address.

Setu went to another address and found a woman asleep on a sofa. He woke her up when he stroked her thigh. She said she needed to go to the toilet and woke her son who confronted Setu.

Judge Neave said no one was physically injured but the mental distress on the women meant they didn’t feel safe in their own houses.

He said Setu was using substances at the time, but the sexual component of the offending was of concern and Setu needed a lot of rehabilitation before he would be released from prison.

Setu told his pre-sentence report writer that he had done dumb stuff, but Judge Neave did not believe he had insight into the offending, and his level of entitlement was concerning.

He sentenced Setu to four years ten months prison, and said he had already read him the three strikes warning for repeat sexual offenders.


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