Woman jailed for two years for armed incident

May 3, 2016 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-05A woman has been jailed for two years for an armed incident that left her victim terrified and fearing for her life.

“Give us your bag or I will shoot you,” 31-year-old Pauline Ngapiki Herewini told the victim she confronted outside her home in Belfast, as she held what appeared to be a pistol.

The victim shouted for her husband who was inside the house, and swung her handbag at Herewini.

When the security light came on and the husband came out, Herewini backed off and left in the car where another woman had remained in the driver’s seat.

The pair had originally followed the victim to her home, told her they had seen something fall from the roof of her car, and Herewini then asked for $20 for petrol – apparently payment for the supposed good deed.

Herewini eventually pleaded guilty to a charge of demanding with menaces, as well as burglary, theft and 21 charges of dishonestly using a bank card.

The co-offender who had acted as the driver, Shannon Caroline Hammond, 24, was sentenced last week and had 10 months added to a jail term she is already serving for fraud.

Today, Christchurch District Court Judge Emma Smith said the victim impact statement showed that the woman had understandably been terrified and fearful for her life when Herewini presented what appeared to be a pistol at her.

The weapon turned out to be a pellet gun.

The judge jailed Herewini for two years and ordered payment of reparation of $4000 for the burglary, and a further amount – still being calculated – for some of the fraud charges.


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