Violence and kidnapping admitted

June 3, 2016 | By More

High Court-panoply1A handcuffed offender smacked the court room door hard with his elbow when he was remanded in custody for sentence after admitting kidnapping and injuring charges.

Thirty-one-year-old Albert Enoka pleaded guilty to three charges in the High Court at Christchurch today, just ahead of the scheduled start date of his trial on Tuesday.

He was handcuffed and accompanied by four prison officers and police as he was placed in the dock before Justice Cameron Mander to enter his pleas.

Justice Mander remanded him in custody for sentence on July 12 and ordered a pre-sentence report to be prepared and a restorative justice report.

Enoka loudly smacked his arm against the door as he was led back to the cells.

Defence counsel Phil Shamy said Enoka was keen to take part in a restorative justice meeting with the victims.

Enoka admitted aggravated burglary – being armed with a knife when he unlawfully entered a building with intent to commit an assault – as well as kidnapping a woman, and intentionally injuring a man.

No summary of facts was read at the hearing because Mr Shamy said the wording of some parts of it had not yet been agreed between the defence and the Crown.

Another person involved in the incident, Lindsay Trevor Francis, a 23-year-old gang prospect, pleaded guilty earlier and was jailed for four years. He was told he would serve the whole sentence without parole because he was a second strike offender.

Enoka was arrested in February 2015 after an incident that ended with an armed chase through Barrington Mall.

Enoka and Francis went to a Christchurch home where the serious assault took place on February 15, 2015. That left the victim with injuries including broken teeth and a broken jaw.

A woman was then abducted with her dog and driven around the outskirts of Christchurch overnight. She was taken to an Addington property, but escaped in the morning, with the dog, when she was left alone.

Enoka had earlier admitted charges of possessing methamphetamine and cannabis resin for supply, driving while disqualified, and unlawfully taking a motorcycle out of impoundment.

He will be sentenced on all the charges together.

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