Two decades in jail for repeat rape convictions

June 17, 2016 | By More
File image. © Andrew Bardwell

File image. © Andrew Bardwell

A 53-year-old convicted rapist has been jailed for 20 years 6 months for sex attacks on two more victims but a judge stopped short of imposing an open-ended preventive detention term.

Justice Rachel Dunningham said Ricky John Ottley would possibly be well into his 70s when he was finally released from prison, though she acknowledged that old age was no guarantee of an end of sex offending.

Ottley committed the offences while still on parole from a 12-year sentence imposed for similar offending in 2003.

He denied the 2014-15 offending and went to two separate trials in the High Court at Christchurch but was found guilty both times.

The led to his sentencing on Friday for unlawful sexual connection, multiple assaults on the women, assault with a weapon, threatening to kill, rape of both women, kidnapping, and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Justice Dunningham said the offences were “concerningly similar” to his earlier offending, and health assessors saw him as a moderate-to-high risk of committing further sexual or violent offending.

She imposed the long prison term with a non-parole term of 10 years before Ottley can even be considered for release, but she decided against preventive detention.

She accepted submissions from defence counsel Glenn Dixon about Ottley’s likely age at release – he served almost all his previous rape sentence – and his expressed willingness to undergo treatment.

Prosecutor Anselm Williams said the Crown regarded Ottley as posing a high degree of risk, and pointed out that the latest offending occurred soon after his release from prison and while he was still on parole.

One victim said giving evidence at court against Ottley was a “huge ordeal” and she was fearful of his gang connections. She told the court she had been left an emotional wreck by Ottley’s sex attack. She cried a lot when she was awake. “I just want to sleep my days away and forget this ever happened.”

Justice Dunningham acknowledged her courage in giving evidence and coming to court to read her victim impact statement.

She said Ottley had anally raped one woman and had sexually violated her with a small dumbell while she slept after taking pain medication.

He held the second woman against her will for hours, repeatedly assaulting her, raping her vaginally and anally, threatening to stab her with a screwdriver in the vagina, and threatening to kill her. He told her she would not be alive at the end of the night.

He later contacted her to get her to withdraw her statement, which she did. However, she gave her original account in evidence at Ottley’s trial and the jury accepted that.

Ottley continues to deny the offending, but he told the probation officer at his pre-sentence interview that when he was on his prescribed medication he could manage his emotions better and “didn’t lose the plot”.

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