Drinking learner driver faces big bill for damage

June 23, 2016 | By More

Car-red-rearA bad high speed drive on Moorhouse Avenue left a 20-year-old learner driver with injured friends and a $23,551 bill for the damage he did.

Braedon Peter Turton – at present on the unemployment benefit – was ordered to pay the reparations at his Christchurch District Court sentencing.

The incident took place on October 25, when Turton was out driving in breach of the terms of his learner licence with two friends in the car, and over the alcohol limit.

He was driving at over 100km an hour on Moorhouse Avenue when the car went over a bump and Turton lost control. It ploughed into a power pole.

One of his passengers received a fractured cheek bone, eye socket, pelvis, and vertebrae and was in hospital for a week. The passenger in the back seat received a dislocated shoulder, and Turton was injured and has been receiving support from ACC. The blood test taken in hospital showed 108mg of alcohol to 100ml of blood.

Orion is claiming reparations for the damage to the power pole.

Judge Raoul Neave said Turton had expressed some dissatisfaction because of the consequences on him, which had been severe. “It is all self-inflicted. You only have yourself to blame.”

There had been seriously bad driving which had caused significant injuries and damage to property.

But he said Turton’s willingness to pay reparations would mean a significant commitment over a long period. He had indicated he was prepared to work on issues referred to in the pre-sentence report, and he had expressed remorse in a letter to the court.

“There are clearly issues you need to address about decision making. This was a very stupid piece of driving on any view of it,” said the judge.

On the charges of dangerous driving causing injury, and drink-driving, Turton was sentenced to six months’ community detention at his grandmother’s address, 12 months’ intensive supervision with special conditions, nine months’ disqualification from driving, and the full reparations bill of $23,551.

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