Car stolen from drug rehab centre

June 27, 2016 | By More

Court House-general1A 25-year-old who stole a car from the Odyssey House drug rehabilitation centre has been left in an impossible position after the car was then stolen from him.

Christchurch District Court Judge Alistair Garland told Travis James Baillie today that he better do whatever he can to help the police to return the $23,000 Suzuki car to Odyssey House.

But Baillie said by video-link from Christchurch Men’s Prison that he could not help because the car had been stolen from him. “I’m sitting in prison and you want me to recover it,” he said.

He pleaded guilty to six charges today and was remanded in custody for sentencing on August 10. Judge Garland asked for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

Baillie admitted unlawfully taking two cars, two charges of driving while disqualified, theft, and a breach of his home detention sentence imposed on November 19.

That sentence was for taking cars, driving while disqualified, possession of methamphetamine, theft, breach of bail, and possession of a knife.

The Community Probation prosecutor said a condition of the sentence was that he undertake a residential rehabilitation course at Odyssey House in Christchurch. He absconded from the course on March 23 and went on the run.

Between May 22 and 24 he returned to Odyssey House, took the keys from the centre’s car and then drove it away. Police prosecutor Sergeant Kathy Pomfrett said the vehicle had never been found.

Baillie was driving a stolen Suzuki when he went to a service station on May 24 and drove away without paying for $83 petrol.

Judge Garland said Baillie had been sent to Odyssey House on home detention for alcohol and drug treatment that was to help him. “Instead, he’s flogged the Odyssey House car.”

Not assisting the police to get the car back was a serious aggravating factor, said the judge. If he wanted to mitigate the sentence that would be imposed, he should do whatever he could to try to get the car back.

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