Street confrontation became double stabbing

July 4, 2016 | By More

Court House-Sept-2013-08A street confrontation possibly over road cones led to a double stabbing in Warrington Street, Edgeware.

The strange incident has led to 18-year-old Carlos Joel Shadbolt, of South Brighton, being remanded for sentence in the Christchurch District Court on August 31.

He pleaded guilty on Monday to two charges of wounding with intent to injure.

Judge David Saunders asked for updated victim impact statements from the two stabbing victims – a brother and sister – and asked for an inquiry about a possible restorative justice meeting between them and Shadbolt.

The victims will get to decide whether that meeting can go ahead.

Judge Saunders told Shadbolt he was remanding him on bail for sentencing because of his age and his lack of previous convictions, but he warned that a jail term might still be imposed.

Both victims were taken to hospital for operations after the early morning incident on March 19.

About 3.30am, the victims were with a group walking along Warrington Street when Shadbolt and two associates were walking across the road, knocking over road cones.

The two groups did not know each other. Women with the victims’ group began yelling abuse at Shadbolt’s group and there was a confrontation in the middle of the road.

Fearing for his sister’s safety, the first victim ran at Shadbolt. He swung and missed but Shadbolt stabbed him in the abdomen with a small black pocket knife.

He collapsed and his sister confronted Shadbolt. As she went to hit him, he put his hand up and stabbed her in the arm, striking the bone above the elbow.

Shadbolt told police he had pulled out the knife because he was scared.

Defence counsel Phillip Allan said the case had raised a question of “excessive self-defence” and what was going on in Shadbolt’s mind at the time. A compromise had been agreed and the charges had been reduced from wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

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