Violent car chase driver accepts he needs rehab

July 20, 2016 | By More

Police car-Sept2013-03Prison time and drug rehabilitation stretch ahead of an offender who ended a high speed dash across Christchurch with a struggle involving five police officers.

The Christchurch District Court sentencing for 31-year-old Ricky Shane Stampa was yesterday delayed for two months while he waits for a place to become available for him at the Odyssey House drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Christchurch.

While he waits for that place, he will stay in prison on remand.

Stampa came to court for his sentencing with a letter of apology to the police sergeant who was involved in the struggle, a letter to the judge, a letter from his grandmother, and certificates for the courses and rehabilitation work he has been doing while in prison. That includes a small business course.

“Keep up the good work,” Judge Jane Farish told him as he returned to cells for more prison time.

Defence counsel Paul Johnson told the court he had represented Stampa for some time, but “this is the most positive I have ever seen him in relation to rehabilitation”.

Stampa, according to an alcohol and drug report, had finally admitted he had a problem and was willing to engage in rehabilitation.

Judge Farish said she had been intending to impose a jail term, but would allow home detention at Odyssey House with judicial monitoring.

She remanded him in custody to September 22 for that to happen, and asked the Probation Service to contact Odyssey House and ask for the bed to be held. It is expected to become available on September 20.

Stampa pleaded guilty in May to charges of driving while disqualified, failing to stop for the police, reckless driving, assaulting the sergeant, resisting five police officers, possession of the meth pipe, failing to come to court while on bail, and possession of a prescription medicine – Tramadol – that was not in its proper packaging.

He was disqualified in 2013 for his eighth conviction for failing to stop for the police, and convicted, disqualified, and jailed in 2015 for his seventh driving while disqualified offence.

He was seen driving in Parklands at 3.25am on January 15, and accelerated away when a police patrol came up behind him using its lights and siren.

He drove around a roundabout on the wrong side and did 100km and hour on Bower Avenue.

He then turned his lights off and continued driving at 100km an hour.

The drive continued through Wainoni and Linwood and along Aldwins Road at excessive speed where police road spikes blew out two of his tyres.

Stampa turned onto Brougham Street, on the wrong side, and continued in the face of on-coming traffic in spite of damage to the car.

When he was going through Sydenham, he lost control at the corner of Milton Street and Strickland Street and crashed into a fence.

When he tried to run off, a police sergeant confronted him but he punched him in the face, causing bruising to the officer’s forehead. Five policemen then took five minutes to restrain him and get him handcuffed.


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