House ‘taken over by drug offenders’, court told

August 28, 2016 | By More

Court House-doorwayA woman who allowed her house to be taken over by drug offenders, and then “joined in” and supplied methamphetamine herself, was sentenced to home detention in the Christchurch District Court.

Twenty-five-year-old Kelsi Anne Sherriff was arrested after a police raid of her home in North Canterbury in February, where methamphetamine residue and 9g of cannabis was found.

Defence counsel Steven Rollo said Sherriff had started her own business and bought her own home when she was involved in a car crash and could not work.

He said the wrong crowd hung around her and her house, completely taking over and offending there.

Sherriff’s parents had since moved into her home, and were making sure she was getting back on track, he said.

Sherriff would struggle with a custodial or home detention sentence as her pre-sentence report said she had anxiety issues, he said. He recommended the judge sentence her to community detention so she could attend appointments set up by ACC, and her physiotherapist.

Judge John Strettell sentenced Sherriff on charges on supplying methamphetamine, selling cannabis, and possessing a pipe for methamphetamine.

He said it was apparent Sherriff was a street-level dealer, earning enough to pay for her own methamphetamine addiction.

She was in an unusual position. She had been a successful young woman with employment and a reasonable income, but the accident meant she had to give up her business, he said.

A combination of loss of status and employment, stress, and the influence of more criminally sophisticated people led her to the offending.

He said this type of offending was always treated seriously, even if Sherriff had been on the outlying area of involvement.

He sentenced her to seven months’ home detention, with special conditions to be assessed for counselling, treatment, and rehabilitation programmes, and post-release conditions for a further six months.


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