Home detention for LSD importation

November 24, 2016 | By More

Court House from Victoria Sq-101A University of Canterbury engineering student who used LSD to help his meditation has got home detention for importing the class A drug – an offence that carries a maximum life term.

Thomas Daniel Wilson, 22, was described as intelligent but foolish and naïve by Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish after admitting his experimental foray into drugs.

He’ll be on home detention at an address in Riccarton when he hears the latest results from his engineering studies, a field where he excels.

Wilson had admitting importing LSD and cannabis, possesison of cannabis, and possessing LSD for supply.

Judge Farish said the police’s account of the offending made “interesting” reading.

She said Wilson was an intelligent man with a strong entrepreneurial side. Drugs which Wilson had ordered off a website had been intercepted by customs last year as they came in from Britain and Germany. There had been no attempt at subterfuge – he used his name and address.

He had imported 400 tabs of LSD, but she accepted it had not been done for financial gain. He had found it helped with his meditation and decided it might be something his friends would be interested in. He had sold some tabs to them for $20 each.

His actions had been “extremely foolish and naïve”, she said.

He was an impeccable young man of very good character but his experimentation in drugs would leave him with a lifelong legacy which would impact on his employment and mean he would be unable to travel.

“Your prison will in effect be New Zealand,” she said.

She reduced his sentence because of his guilty plea and his youth, and imposed an eight-month home detention term, as well as 300 hours of community work.

She hoped that his community work hours could be in an agency placement where his skills could be used.

She also ordered destruction of the drugs and forfeiture of the $450 cash found in Wilson’s possession.

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