Repeat burglar ‘can’t go home’

December 21, 2016 | By More

When 21-year-old Raniera Smyth finishes his prison term, he may go to Nelson to try to find work in the fishing industry because he’s not welcome to head home to the Gisborne area.

The “Goldilocks” burglar comes from Nuhaka and he is known in the Wairoa area, but Christchurch District Court Judge Alistair Garland said: “People who know him well are upset with what he has done within his own community and his own whanau.”

He jailed Smyth for two years two months on 10 charges – two thefts, five burglaries, one attempted burglary, and two of being found unlawfully in enclosed yards.

Some of the offending was committed in Christchurch where he was eventually arrested and held in custody for sentencing, but other house burglaries were committed in Wairoa and Nuhaka.

Defence counsel Alister James, told the judge: “His current plans are to go to Nelson where he believes he may obtain work in the fishing industry, rather then return to his roots in the Gisborne area.

“He knows he is not welcome in this area and I think he is wise to make a new beginning somewhere different where he is not known at all.”

Damage and losses total $11,262 from Smyth’s spree of offending from November 2015 to October 2016.

He was short of money during that time and Mr James believes he has “under-reported” his addiction to cannabis in his pre-sentencing interview with a probation officer. Several of the places he broke into in the North Island and at Rolleston near Christchurch were used as a place to sleep.

Mr James said Smyth’s family had been involved with the Mongrel Mob but Smyth himself had not been a gang member or associate. “He has been raised amid the poverty and pernicious influence of the Mongrel Mob.”

In November 2015, Smyth stole a nailgun and charger from Christchurch Polytech Institute of Technology where he was doing a building course, and then stole a cellphone from a shearing shed at a farm where he was working as a wool presser.

In June 2016 he was in Wairoa where he broke into a shed and fled when an alarm went off.

He broke into another Nuhaka property four days later and fled when the occupant found him there.

He did another house burglary in Wairoa next day, taking an iPad and laptop computer and fleeing when the alarm went off.

He broke into a Nuhaka house in July and slept there using curtains as bedding.

At a second property he smashed a window to get into a caravan and then got into the house to remove food and bedding.

By September, he was back in Christchurch where he burgled a house in Richmond and took a Playstation console and games.

A month later the offending came to an end when a Rolleston woman woke up at 12.30am to find him standing beside her bed. He fled with an iPad mini he stole from the property.

He was found soon afgter at a caravan on another Rolleston property. He had broken in and had apparently been sleeping there for two or three nights when the police caught and arrested him.

Judge Garland said they were not sophisticated burglaries but all were home break-ins and some had been committed on bail. Two were committed while awaiting sentencing. The thefts involved a serious breach of trust.

“People from your own village have expressed real disappointment with you,” Judge Garland told Smyth, jailing him and ordering him to pay for all the damage and losses.

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