Indecency accused banned from schools

January 19, 2017 | By More

A North Canterbury man charged with indecently assaulting a girl at an Alexandra school holiday programme has been banned from entering schools while on remand.

The condition was imposed as part of the 56-year-old’s bail conditions when he appeared in the Christchurch District Court today.

The man is also fighting to keep his name suppressed after Judge Stephen O’Driscoll ruled that it could be published.

The judge said: “The allegation made against the defendant is serious. The nature of the charge is such that the public have a right to know who this allegation has been made against.”

He said the defence submission that suppression was necessary for the man’s safety because of a medical condition did not meet the required threshhold.

Defence counsel James Rapley then requested and was granted continued suppression for the man while an appeal against the refusal is filed in the High Court. The suppression will remain until the High Court hearing.

The man, who lives outside Christchurch, was remanded on bail to appear in court again on February 7.

Defence counsel James Rapley asked for interim suppression and said a media application to photograph the man in court was opposed.

Police allege the girl was indecently assaulted in Alexandra on January 12, when staff at a holiday programme noticed a man talking to her in a school playground.

The man entered no plea to the indecent assault charge.

During his remand his is not allowed “to enter any educational facility”, and he is not to associate with any unaccompanied child under 16. He is also not allowed to contact the girl or any witnesses.

Police did not oppose his release on bail nor the granting of interim name suppression.


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