Knife-point robbery of book shop admitted

February 23, 2017 | By More

A St Albans man has admitted the remarkable $42 armed robbery of a second-hand bookshop, but disputes the facts about the knife-point hold-up.

Jamie Allan Hewison, an unemployed chef aged 25, put in his guilty plea at a video-link appearance before Judge Sharon McAuslan in the Christchurch District Court.

However, defence counsel Kiran Paima explained the case could not be remanded for a sentencing date because Hewison disputed some of the details in the police summary of facts.

Instead, Hewison needed to be remanded to a disputed facts hearing where a judge could decide what took place.

Hewison, who lives a few blocks from the Edgeware Paperback Centre in Edgeware Road that he held up on January 4, will remain in custody until the hearing on April 7.

The charge says he was armed with a paring knife when he went to the bookshop, all dressed in black, about 4pm.

Police say Hewison got out of the shop with $42 but the bookshop owner began screaming about the robbery and a 46-year-old passer-by followed him as he ran from the scene.

The man caught Hewison and grabbed his shoulder. The man said at the time that Hewison confronted him with the knife and then dropped the cash on the footpath. He then ran off but the police caught him soon after.

He has been in custody since his arrest.


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