Court appearance after Rebels MC raids

March 2, 2017 | By More

A man arrested in police raids on Rebels MC gang premises at the end of a 10-month investigation has been remanded on bail at the Christchurch District Court. [Updated report.]

Mark Allan Powhiro, 31, a bricklayer of Avondale, was remanded on bail without plea to March 15 by Judge Stephen O’Driscoll.

Powhiro has been charged with the possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of supply.

He also faces a complex charge relating to sharing the benefits from possession of methamphetamine and cannabis for supply, and firearms possession, when he knew or was reckless that the actions contributed to the objectives of a criminal group.

The charges against Powhiro date back to March and April 2016, in Christchurch.

The criminal group charge names four other men.

Police said they had arrested people in Christchurch and Auckland as a result of the raids, and a total of 25 charges had been laid, ranging from participlation in an organised criminal group, possession for supply of methamphetamine, and cannabis, to firearms charges.

The investigation involved execution of several search warrants by the Canterbury Organised Crime Unit and Offender Prevention Team.

Afternoon update: A second man charged over the same raids appeared in the Christchurch District Court later, and was remanded on bail without plea to appear again on March 23.

Dennis Haunui, 44, a scaffolder from Wainoni, faces the charge of involvement in an organised criminal group, and another charge of being unlawfully in possession of shotgun and .22 rifle ammunition.
Both charges allege offending in Christchurch in March 2016.

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