Judge can’t add to lifer’s jail term

March 9, 2017 | By More

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Two men are not being made to pay for the $6000 damage they did in the Christchurch Men’s prison after they refused to go back to their cell during a lock-down period.

On December 13, 2016, Jesse Lee Fraser, 21, and Bronson Kelekolio, 20, damaged 12 cell observation windows, three large guard room windows, a table tennis table, and two fire hoses, all the property of the Department of Corrections. They sprayed water around the unit and at the guardroom and caused $6000 damage.

They were both sentenced on charges of intentional damage, and possession of an offensive weapon.

Fraser told the court that it was “a heat of the moment thing, and I take responsibility for what I did”.

He is in prison for robbing a former friend and that sentence runs out in June 2018.

Kelekolio is serving life for the murder and sex attack on a 22-year-old Ashburton solo mother in December 2012.

Judge Tom Gilbert said the men were obstructive, and yelling obscenities. They refused to listen to negotiators and the site emergency response team restrained them.

He said reparation for both men was unrealistic. There was significant damage done, and the offending was in a prison environment where it was very important that order was maintained.

He sentenced Fraser to seven months’ prison on top of his current sentence.

He said he could not add to a life sentence, and as Kelekolio had a lesser role than Fraser sentenced him to six months’ prison, concurrent with his present sentence.

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