Neighbourhood clash brings jail time

March 31, 2017 | By More

A neighbourhood clash between a man with former gang connections and a foreign couple has led to confrontation, court appearances, and jail time.

Alvito Iese, 44, was yesterday handed a two-month jail term on a charge of intimidation.

Since he has been in custody since his arrest in early February, he will be released straight away.

The neighbours he clashed have already returned to Austria with their two children aged three and five years.

Judge Paul Kellar commented at the sentencing that they appeared to have played a part in the situation.

He told Iese: “I have seen material that suggests that the victims in this matter may have contributed to the overall behaviour that has put you in this situation.”

Iese was charged with wilfully attempting to pervert the course of justice by intimidating the couple with implied threats to dissuade them from giving evidence.

He had been refused bail and was held in custody on remand until yesterday, when the Crown agreed to amend the charge to intimidation and he pleaded guilty.

Judge Kellar said the amendment meant the maximum penalty dropped dramatically. The new charge carried a maximum of three months’ jail, instead of seven years.

The material he was given by defence counsel Bryan Green showed that some of the series of incidents “is not a credit to the victims”.

Iese has had gang connections in the past, but his record shows no serious offending since 2008, and the judge was shown a letter from a registered nurse which spoke of him being “a kind man, trying his best to stay on a straight line”.

There was also a letter from City Care, where Iese worked last year, commending him for going “above and beyond”. He had continued resuscitation efforts for 20 minutes on an elderly man who had collapsed in the street, until ambulance staff arrived. “You were extremely professional, and emphathetic,” the City Care official wrote.

But things unravelled for Iese over a pothole in the footpath and parked cars blocking access along the Richmond Street where he lived with his family.

The registered nurse was also concerned about the pothole posing a danger to children on scooters and tricycles.

Trying to get it fixed led to a confrontation with the foreign couple.

The nurse wrote to the judge that she believed Iese had been called “a fat, black bastard” by the woman, who had fuelled the situation considerably by racial comments.

The police arrested him in January for intimidation, and then he began calling out to the neighbours, calling the man a “nark” and saying he would plead not guilty and they would have to give evidence.

He stared at them as he passed their house, stood outside the address just staring, and took photographs of the man with his young daughter on their driveway. He also called the woman “a racist South African bitch”.

There was more intimidation and a challenge to the man to come and fight him. Iese called him a coward.

The police said the couple had feared for the welfare of themselves and their children and Crown prosecutor Nicola Pointer said they had now returned to Austria.

Since the dispute flared in January, Iese and his family have been evicted from their Richmond home.

And the pothole has been fixed.

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