Prowler jailed for biting householder

April 5, 2017 | By More

A man described as using “animalistic violence” on his victim when he punched and bit him on the cheek causing permanent scarring, was jailed at his Christchurch District Court sentencing.

Simon Barry Sekai, 29, was told by Judge Tom Gilbert that his attack was a very nasty unprovoked incident, and his default response was animalistic violence.

Sekai had admitted charges of wounding with intent to injure, and being unlawfully on a property.

Sekai was on parole conditions from prison for an aggravated robbery, when he went onto his victim’s property on Hargood Street in Woolston.

The victim was with his wife and two young children when the wife saw Sekai on their property at 9.25pm on December 9.

The husband went outside and saw Sekai stumbling, and asked if he needed help. Sekai was drunk, and punched him on the chin. When the wife went inside to call the police Sekai started following her.

The man grabbed Sekai and pushed him to the ground, and in their struggle Sekai punched him several times, rolled him onto his back, and bit into his right cheek.

The man had to force his fingers into Sekai’s mouth to release the bite.

He was left with permanent scarring, and had bruises, scratches, a haematoma to the left eye, and a chipped tooth.

The family’s victim impact report said that his children were still traumatised by what happened that night.

Defence counsel Linda Drummond handed the court a letter of apology for the victim, who did not want to attend a restorative justice meeting with Sekai.

She said Sekai was recalled to prison after this incident to finish serving a sentence for aggravated robbery.

Judge Gilbert read Sekai the second strike warning for repeat violent offenders, which means that he has to serve the whole sentence without parole.

Sekai was sentenced on charges of wounding with reckless disregard for the safety of his victim, and being unlawfully on the property, which he had pleaded guilty to without remembering the attack.

Judge Gilbert said Sekai’s pre-sentence report said his risk of harm was assessed as high, and he had previous violent charges including aggravated burglaries, and assaults.

Sekai had an enduring pattern of violence from a young age, including Youth Court, and had been expelled from school, Judge Gilbert said.

He sentenced Sekai to an additional 25 months’ prison, after he has served the aggravated robbery sentence.

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