Psych report ordered on sex offender

April 7, 2017 | By More

A psychological report has been ordered for a 21-year-old who asked if he could join in with a couple having sex, and later showed himself naked to a 67-year-old woman.

Steve Jason Pratley will remain at his father’s home under electronically monitored bail pending sentencing on June 22, after he admitted charges of criminal harassment, doing an indecent act with intent to insult or offend, and indecent assault.

Judge David Saunders ordered the psychological report, and a pre-sentence report that will consider his suitability for home or community detention.

He also remanded the case for a restorative justice meeting with the victims but said he suspected Pratley would be the last person they wished to see.

Pratley was already on bail when he committed some of the offending and Judge Saunders warned him today: “Any breach may result in you being held in custody.”

The indecent assault arose from contact Pratley made over Facebook, saying he wanted to meet new people and exchanging messages of a sexual nature.

He met a man at South City Mall for lunch, and then went on to meet the man’s woman partner and a friend, who was the victim of the assault. Pratley told her he would like to be in a relationship with her, but she said she had a boyfriend and was not interest.

Later in the evening, the couple went to their bedroom and began having sex. Police said: “The defendant went into the bedroom and interrupted them asking if he could watch or join in with them.”

Later in the evening, the group was out for dinner at a restaurant. The victim left several times to have a cigarette outside. Pratley followed her outside each time and tried to kiss her and pushed his body onto her. She pushed him away, and said, “No.”

He pushed his hand up underneath her dress as they sat at the table in the restaurant.

While he was on bail for that, the 67-year-old woman saw him staring at her over a fence, and then masturbating while he stood naked on top of his bed, at his address, with the lights on.

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