Crown drops knife-point confrontation allegation

April 10, 2017 | By More

The Crown has dropped an important detail about the knife-point robbery of a secondhand bookshop ahead of the robber’s sentencing which is now set for May.

Jamie Allan Hewison, a 25-year-old unemployed chef, admitted doing the robbery but he always denied using a knife to confront a passer-by who caught him as he tried to get away from the Edgeware Paperback Centre with his $42 of loot.

That denial led to a disputed facts hearing being scheduled, but defence counsel Kiran Paima told Judge Josephine Bouchier said the Crown had now agreed to change its account of what happened and no hearing was necessary.

The summary of facts now says that after Hewison held up the Edgeware Road bookshop with a paring knife on January 4, he was followed along the road by a passer-by.

The man caught Hewison and grabbed his arm and Hewison reached into his left pocket. The man was aware that he was carrying a knife and let go of him.

But the Crown now accepts that rather than using a knife to confront the man, Hewison only emptied the contents of his pockets onto the ground. That included the money he had just taken from the shop.

Judge Bouchier remanded Hewison in custody for a Crown sentencing on May 24.

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