Teen captured by public during robbery attempt

April 27, 2017 | By More

A teenager who was captured while attempting to rob the Campus Corner Dairy in Upper Riccarton has been jailed for one year ten months.

Quade Mihaere Kavanagh was with an alleged co-offender who was armed with an axe, when he entered the dairy on August 29 at 3.45pm, demanding money.

Kavanagh and the shop assistant wrestled on the floor while the co-offender drew the axe out of his bag and held it above their heads.

The co-offender saw members of the public watching the incident and ran out of the shop, but Kavanagh was held by them until the police arrived.

Crown prosecutor Nicola Pointer today withdrew the charge of aggravated burglary, and replaced it with an attempted aggravated robbery charge.

Defence counsel Allister Davis said Kavanagh did not know the other man was armed, and was very remorseful for what happened to the man in the dairy.

He said Kavanagh, who will turn 19 in prison, had taken positive steps while on remand, and received several certificates.

Judge Gary MacAskill gave Kavanagh the first strike warning that imposes heavier penalties on repeat violent offenders, and told him he would give him leave to apply for a home detention sentence if a suitable address could be found.

He said he was also sentencing Kavanagh on a charge of burglary, where with the same alleged co-offender, he entered a house in Christchurch and stole a safe with passports and jewellery in it.

He said Kavanagh’s pre-sentence report said he expressed regret and remorse, and was willing to pay reparation for the offending.

It said he had a “steady” fall from grace. He had found work and then drugs, and settled on alcohol and cannabis. He felt cool with his older associates.

Judge MacAskill said the alleged co-offender was being dealt with in the Wellington District Court.

He said aggravated robberies were prevalent in the community with a high risk to the staff of dairies.

He imposed the sentence and ordered that Kavanagh be assessed for substance abuse treatment and programmes, and training programmes. He also ordered a reparation payment of $3734 for the safe and its contents.

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