State of the world prompted vandalism spree

May 11, 2017 | By More

A man who told police he was depressed about Waitangi Day, Donald Trump, and the world, admitted he and his brother caused over $3000 damage to eight cars and a trailer in February.

The police summary of facts said Rupert Max and Jimmy Ellis-Jones spent most of Sunday February 5 drinking heavily, before driving around Phillipstown and Woolston.

On Olliviers Road, Phillipstown, they broke three windows and a wing mirror of one car, and the rear windscreen of two more.

They moved on to Mackenzie Avenue, Woolston, and smashed a rear windscreen of another car, the windscreen and wing mirror of the next car, and two side windows of the last one.

They turned into Seaforth Place and while driving dangerously at high speeds rammed into a car, and a loaded trailer.

They went into Dampier Street and drove down the middle of the street, then rammed another car.

Rupert Ellis-Jones, 25, pleaded guilty to driving dangerously, refusing to permit a blood specimen, and damaging the cars and trailers, and Jimmy Ellis-Jones, 23, pleaded guilty to damaging the cars and trailer.

Defence counsel Trudi Aickin said the two brothers were willing to pay reparation of $3575, and were willing to attend a restorative justice meeting with the car owners.

Judge David Saunders remanded the brothers on bail to appear for sentencing on July 21, and asked for pre-sentence reports to be prepared.

He noticed the reason Rupert Ellis-Jones gave to the police for the offending – about the state of the world – and said the bail curfew was deleted, but the condition remained that bars them from drinking alcohol.


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