Arrest after seven months hiding from police

May 15, 2017 | By More

A man who has allegedly been on the run from police since October has been arrested on charges of kidnapping, serious assault, and threatening to kill.

Anaru Turei Tamati Rangihuna, 43, was found by the police over the weekend and appeared in the Christchurch District Court today.

Judge Jane Farish remanded him in custody to May 29 without plea, for defence counsel to be assigned, at the request of duty lawyer David Bunce.

A warrant to arrest was issued for Rangihuna several months ago when he could not be found. He had previously been living in Christchurch.

Police opposed bail when he appeared on that warrant today, as well as charges of kidnapping a woman, intentionally injuring her, and threatening to kill or do grievous bodily harm.

Police warned the public not to approach Rangihuna in October, when he went on the run, because they said he was likely armed with a handgun.

Detective Sergeant Chris Power said at the time that Rangihuna had allegedly “violently assaulted” a woman and pointed a pistol at her head after she was kidnapped by two men and brought to his home in Norwich St, Linwood, on October 18.

The woman escaped by jumping out a window. She ran to Eastgate Mall where she allegedly struggled with Rangihuna in front of bystanders.

Two other men have been charged in relation to the incident. At least one of those cases is still being dealt with by the court.

When Rangihuna was placed in the dock in Christchurch’s main court today, he turned away and began talking to a woman who was in the public seating with a child.

Judge Farish asked him to pay attention to what was happening.

When she had to remind him to pay attention again soon after, he apologised politely and said he had not seen his family for months.

The judge told him: “You have got visiting time at the prison for that sort of thing, not in here.”

No bail application was made. His next appearance may be by video-link from the prison.

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