Murder trial adjourned for the day

May 18, 2017 | By More

The trial of Peter John Carroll, charged with the April 2016 murder of Marcus Luke Tucker, has been adjourned for the day because of a legal issue.

Justice David Gendall sent the Christchurch High Court jury away until 10am on Friday, while legal discussions take place.

Today was to be the second day of the trial, but no evidence was heard and the jury only came into the court room briefly after 11am to be told that it should return on Friday.

Carroll, 52, is alleged to have bashed 36-year-old Tucker to death with a metal steering lock in the bedroom of a house in Addington, in a dispute allegedly about a drugs robbery. His bashed, wrapped, and burnt body was found on April 25, 2016, dumped near Lake Ellesmere.

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