Pistol held to head during dairy robbery

June 7, 2017 | By More

A Killer Beez gang member who held a pistol to the head of a dairy owner he was robbing has been jailed for four years seven months.

Christchurch District Court Judge Tom Gilbert asked Adam Moore if he was still “tied up” with the gang, and Moore replied: “Yep.”

At the age of 22, Moore has 10 pages listing his criminal history. It was time to start sorting his life out, and staying with the gang was not a great way to do that, said the judge.

He noted little sign of remorse from Moore. Prospects of rehabilitation were assessed as “limited” because Moore said he was not interested.

Moore was one of three men who went into the Kirk Road dairy, in Templeton, at 12.15pm on September 5. Moore punched the shopkeeper and made him kneel as he held a pistol to his head while the cigarettes and cash were piled into a pillowcase the robbers had brought.

The men were disguised with hoods, balaclavas and bandannas, and one of the others had a metal pole.

Moore was also for sentence on charges of possession of an offensive weapon – knuckle dusters – and breach of his release conditions from an earlier prison sentence.

He had admitted all charges and he wanted to be sentenced even though his lawyer was caught up with a trial and could not be present. She had provided written submissions. “It’s all good. I’m just ready to get it over with,” he said. He disputed probation’s assessment that he showed no remorse, telling Judge Gilbert that he really was remorseful.

The judge said the pre-sentence report was “pretty gloomy”. It noted his association with the Killer Beez and Moore had confirmed in court that he was still involved with the gang.

The judge imposed a series of sentences totalling four years’ seven months’ jail.

He told Moore: “At the moment nationally, and in Christchurch, there is a real spate of young people committing aggravated robberies of dairies. People like you need to realise that it you choose to do that you will end up facing lengthy terms of imprisonment. It is not some game.”


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